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I design carefully sequenced, goal oriented lessons based on each student's particular needs and strengths using a variety of strategies from the Wired For Reading,™ Orton Gillingham, and The Writing Revolution programs, as well as other research-based methodologies. 


Currently I offer instruction remotely. To best support student growth, I recommend one to two 50 minute sessions per week.   However, more flexible schedules can be arranged. 

Your child's experience 

  • A  free meet and greet session.

  • Diagnostic assessments to inform entry-point of intervention and instruction. 

  • Structured lessons and fun learning activities

  • Personalized homework assignments

  • Regular formative assessments

  • Regular communication with parents regarding progress and continued need for growth


Although I focus on developing and delivering individualized instruction in reading and writing, I can also help parents understand the IEP process, provide advice in how to advocate for their child in the public school setting as well as function as a bridge between the school and home. 

Areas of instruction


Depending on your child's needs and abilities, reading instruction typically includes a sequence of activities in phonological awareness (sounds, syllables and syllable structure), phonics (letter-sound relationships, decoding) fluency (automaticity, rhythm, rate, accuracy, intonation, and expression ), vocabulary development, and comprehension.




Writing instruction may include: Basic writing skills such as spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar; sentence structure/composition; paragraph structure and text generation such as word choice, elaboration of detail, and clarity of expression; the writing process, which includes planning, drafting, revising, and editing ones work; and writing knowledge/craft, concepts such as genre, text structure and the purpose for writing. 


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