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I am a trained special as well as general education teacher with more than 19  years of experience in tutoring and teaching culturally, ethnically, linguistically, cognitively, and developmentally diverse children in reading and writing, the Language Arts, as well as the World Languages.

Education and Training​
  • MA in Special Education

  • BA in Germanic Languages and Linguistics

  • Single Subject Credential in Teaching Foreign Language, English Language Arts, English Language  Learner

  • WA Teaching Certifications in: Special Education, English Language Arts, English Language Learner, and World Languages

  • Wired For Reading Certification

  • Hundreds of hours of professional development in the English Language Arts and Linguistics, including evidence-based methodologies and best practices related to all aspects of reading and writing.  

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I consider myself a facilitator who provides opportunities for students to develop the necessary skills and abilities to become skilled readers and writers. 


I strive to create a learning environment that is nurturing and fun, yet challenging and allows students to develop self-confidence, initiative, ownership for learning, as well as how to advocate for themselves.  


I aspire to work with students' families as well as their teachers and other professionals to help them create an educational experience they have always wanted for their child. 

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